Italian Saffron Infused

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White Truffle

Some of the finest “Zafferano” of the world

Its formal name of Crocus sativus is derived from the Latin meaning “cultivated.”
One of the most expensive food products in the world, saffron’s outrageous
cost is due to the labor intensive process of obtaining the stigmas,

which are individually extracted by hand.

It takes 75,000 flowers to create a single pound of saffron

The best way to use saffron in the kitchen

To have the best results from saffron long infusion times are needed.

Our Infusion of Saffron is already infused,

to give you the best Italian quality always at hand.

Perfect on risotto, pasta and salads.

For customizing your dishes right on the table

and while cooking
Ingredients: Infusion of saffron stamens (53%), sunflower oil, flavors.

GMO Free