Italian Taste and Tradition

Nowadays it is rare to find a food company that knows how to combine artisan tradition with innovation and research.
Our products are the result of more than 100 years expertise, handed down from father to son, to keep Tuscan taste and tradition alive.
Since 1915, Turci has been selecting the best ingredients, offering excellent quality to Italian tables.

Herbs and Spices

Our natural extracts of Mediterranean herbs and spices are obtained by cold extraction, for conserving and enhancing all the beneficial properties of these exceptional local ingredients, without the use of preservatives, colorants, or artificial aromas.
Enjoy the taste and scent of freshly harvested herbs – anywhere, anytime, any way you like!
Spray a cloud of exceptional taste over your favourite dishes, while cooking or directly at the table.

The Infusions

Saffron grown locally in Val d’Orcia, near Siena, and the finest white truffles from San Miniato, are carefully selected and processed to keep their unmistakable taste and fragrance unaltered.
Enjoy quality ingredients straight from the heart of Tuscany. Thanks to the spray dispenser, they are now
very convenient, quick-to-use, and completely waste-free.
Surprise and be surprised by preparing superb gourmet dishes!
Colourant-free, preservative-free, and GMO-FREE.

The Sauces

The secret of the perfect sauce? To enhance the flavour of your dishes, without overpowering their taste.
The best ingredients contained in practical, elegant packages, to enrich the taste of your favourite meals and
barbecues with “that little extra” but with fewer calories, thanks to the spray dispenser.
Available in three tasty flavours: Barbecue Classic, Barbecue Spicy and the innovative Barbecue Truffle – flavoured.


The fine line between fresh and dried herbs!
Simply herbs: washed, chopped, slightly dried and ready to use.
A new and innovative method, all natural, combining the fragrant green taste of fresh spices with months – long shelf life.
Spices available: Chilli Pepper, Garlic and Onion.
All packaged in practical open-and-close containers, which are also completely biodegradable..


Salt, Garlic, Rosemary and Sage: all carefully hand-picked by our local farmers and processed within few
hours of harvesting.
Use this seasoning, with its simple but intense ingredients, instead of salt and it will become irreplaceable in your kitchen. A delightful mixture, perfect for enriching the taste of roasted and grilled meat, fish, and
vegetables. It is so delicious that using it just for barbecues would be a shame! Try it on all your dishes, any time you feel like experiencing a little bit of Tuscany!

Fresh Herbs

Only the best quality herbs, grown locally in Tuscany, carefully packaged in practical open-and-close
containers to preserve all their fragrance and freshness for longer – and keep your fridge tidy at all times!
As for our lightly-dried-herbs, we got rid plastic trays and only use biodegradable materials.


Less salt, more health!
Our Miosal is an innovative product made of completely natural and simple ingredients with no
With the spray dispenser you can season your dishes at the table – with a very low amount of sodium –
without needing to add salt while cooking. Your recipes will always be perfect and genuine!
Its practical, functional and compact bottle is perfect to use at home, in the office, or on trips.