Herbs Spray

Herbs and Spices

Cold Pressed

Our natural extracts of Mediterranean herbs and spices
are obtained by cold extraction, for conserving and enhancing
all the beneficial properties of these exceptional local ingredients,
without the use of preservatives, colorants, or artificial aromas.
Enjoy the taste and scent of freshly harvested herbs
– anywhere, anytime, any way you like!
Spray a cloud of exceptional taste over your favourite
dishes, while cooking or directly at the table.

New Extracts!

In the wake of the success of our line of Mediterranean herbal extracts, we have recently added four excellent new contemporary flavours to the range: Curry, Turmeric, Ginger and Cinnamon. Be creative in the kitchen and have fun spraying!!

Your everyday spices

Naturally extracted with a traditional technique to preserve all the flavour and taste of freshly harvested herbs.