Italian Taste and Tradition

It’s rare to find a food company that is capable
of combining its artisan tradition with
innovation and research.
Our products incorporate know-how
handed down from father to son, aimed at keeping Tuscan taste and tradition alive.
Ever since 1915, Turci has been selecting the best raw materials
and packaging products of guaranteed quality.

Herbs and Spices

Our natural extracts of Mediterranean herbs
are produced by cold pressing, which allows for
preserving and enhancing the virtues of these exceptional local ingredients,
and above all without the use of preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings.
All the taste and fragrance of freshly picked herbs and spices – how, when, and where.
Envelop all your dishes in a cloud of fragrant flavour thanks
to the practical spray dispenser, both in cooking and directly at the table.

The Infusions

The stigmas of saffron grown in the Senese Val d’Orcia and
the precious White Truffle of San Miniato
are carefully selected and processed to keep
their unmistakable taste and fragrance unaltered.
From the heart of Tuscany in practical ready-to-use spray packs,
easy, fast and waste-free.
Surprise yourself by preparing superb gourmet dishes!
Products which are colourant-free, preservative-free and GMO-FREE.

The Sauces

The secret of the perfect sauce? That exalts without overwhelming!
The best ingredients enclosed in practical and elegant packaging,
to enrich the flavour of your food or barbecue with “something extra”.
but with fewer calories, thanks to the spray dispenser.
We have added an innovative truffle flavour variant to our established
Classic BBQ Sauce and Spicy BBQ Sauce.


Never again without herbs or spices in the kitchen!
Garlic or onion, simply washed, chopped,
dried slightly and ready to use.
A new and innovative slow drying method
which allows for maintaining the fragrant taste
and characteristic scent of fresh herbs
and spices for a long time.
Now available – Chilli Pepper,
also in the practical open-and-close,
completely biodegradable container.

La Salamoia

Salt, Garlic, Rosemary and Sage all hand-picked by our Tuscan farmers
and processed within hours of harvesting.
If you don’t already know it, this seasoning with its simple
but intense ingredients to be used instead of salt, will become irreplaceable
in your kitchen. Saving it just for barbecues would be a real shame!

Fresh Products

Only local herbs of the best quality, grown in Tuscany,
carefully picked and packed in practical “open-and-close” containers
to preserve their freshness for longer
and keep your fridge tidy at all times!
Again, as with the semi-fresh herbs and spices,
the packaging is completely biodegradable.


Less salt, more health, but not only!
Our Miosal is an innovative product with completely natural,
simple ingredients and without any contraindications.
The spray dispenser allows you not only to flavour your dishes uniformly
with a minimum amount of salt, but also to avoid adding salt while cooking,
thus ensuring results that are always perfect and genuine!
Available in a practical, functional and compact container,
to take with you to the office or on trips


The first drink containing water extracted from medicinal plants
ACQUAZERO has been created from the balance of just two ingredients
Water and the water from plants obtained by means of cold extraction,
totally sugar-free, additive-free, dye-free, and preservative-free.
The sage, rosemary and mint used in the production of our water
are grown and picked fresh in Tuscany.