new WOW().init(); Our typical aromatic blend of mediterranean herbs and sea salt. The same Tuscan recipe since 40 years, only the freshest rosemary, garlic and sage chopped within 48 hours from picking. A delightful mixture to be used instead of salt, perfect to enrich the taste of roasted and grilled meat fish and vegetables. Spread it over your steak before grilling it or over chicken after you fried it! Try it also for pasta, rice, gravies, sauces, soups, french fries, fresh tomatoes and even pizza! Eat salty with less salt! Ingredients...
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Italian Infusions

Spray Liquid Infusions Truffle Saffron Infusions from Tuscany, Italy Thanks to the traditional method we use to prepare it, our infusion preserves the strong flavour and unmistakable scent of White Truffle, without alteration. The best type of Saffron handpicked and already infused
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