The Story of a Family

Turci 1915There are many ways to tell a story. We have decided to place people and their experiences at the heart of ours, because TURCI’s story is one in which the protagonists are the men and women who, over the last century, have helped to make the Company an international success and to promote Italian quality throughout the world.
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Our story began in 1915, when Piero Turci opened a small grocery store in the heart of Florence that soon became a point of reference for every Florentine looking for delicacies, despite the difficult times.

We have to go back to the 1950s to discover the roots of our success.

These were the years when Guido Turci, established a production facility, launching condiments, and products for broths.
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In the 1980s, Stefano’s arrival cast a new light on the Company, and thanks to his inventiveness expanded the range of products opening the doors to foreign markets. Now TURCI’s story has reached the fourth generation with Ruben and Ambra, inspired and driven by the family.

The TURCI brand prides itself on the combination of authentic artisan tradition with technological innovation and research.