Herbs Spray

Herbs Spray

Cold Pressed

Our natural extracts of Mediterranean herbs
are produced by cold pressing, which allows for
preserving and enhancing the virtues of these exceptional local ingredients,
and above all without the use of preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings.
All the taste and fragrance of freshly picked herbs and spices – how, when, and where.
Envelop all your dishes in a cloud of fragrant flavour thanks
to the practical spray dispenser, both in cooking and directly at the table.

New Extracts!

Thanks to the success of our line of Mediterranean herbal extracts,
we have recently expanded the range with four new contemporary ethnic flavours:
Curry to create unique dishes, but also Turmeric, Ginger and Cinnamon.
for enhancing cakes, herbal teas, drinks and cappuccinos.

Naturally extracted
with traditional methods
to preserve
all the flavor and taste
of freshly harvested herbs